Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrading

Our glass panels are designed for maximum safety, whilst generating high aesthetic appeal and helping to create a feeling of space..

Watch this one minute video on trying to smash our pool fencing

So just how tough is our glass balustrades and pool fencing?

Glass balustrades.. How strong are they?
So, at round 7am one morning, we turned up and filmed what we thought was going to be a "smashing time"
South West Fencing and Balustrades video on how strong their glass fencing and glass balustrades are!

The problem with glass, is that we all know it breaks easily! - Right? So we tested the glass balustrade with rocks and even hammers.

The results were impressive, even amazing, as the video shows. We left the sound on, so its raw, live footage here guys!

FREE TEMPORARY FENCING:- In the event that you may require some temporary fencing to enclose the pool area before the pool fence arrives, provided you have engaged our services to install your pool fence, we will deliver temporary fence panels for you to position around your pool area, which will be on loan to you for no charge. We will remove the temporary fence right before we install your new pool fence.

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